How We Build Capacity

 We use participant-centered design, adult-learning theory, and create tailored, interactive opportunities so that learners can build and deepen their practice.

Photo Credit Anna Min

Photo Credit Anna Min

We Develop Knowledge, Skills and Deepened Understanding

Through training, facilitating, coaching and planning we work side-by-side with clients to develop a strategic path for learning.

There is both an art and science to inclusive and effective leadership. We are committed to grounding leaders and groups in relevant theory and practice. 

"Alfonso can lead any group! He is a skilled facilitator that uses humor and humanity to move a group through difficult topics on identity, power, and much more." 
- Dana Nelson, Vice President, Minnesota Superbowl 52 Host Committee

Photo Credit Anna Min

Photo Credit Anna Min

We Create Opportunities for Powerful Leadership Breakthroughs

Most of us do not do our best learning sitting in a classroom being talked at. Team Dynamics finds all sorts of creative ways to make sure that leadership gets to be embodied and en-heartened.

When we do work that feels meaningful we become willing to tap into our courage in service of our mission. Our clients tell us time and time again that attending one of our workshops feels "different - in a good way!"

"I've seen countless trainers and facilitators, and Trina without a doubt stands out at the head of the pack! Her communication skills, whether in a one-on-one coaching conversation, or training a group of 200, is energizing, engaging, substantive, and thoughtful."
- Laura Gardiner, Capacity Building Specialist, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands

Photo Credit Anna Min

Photo Credit Anna Min

We Co-Create Roadmaps for Lasting Change

One of the most important elements needed in order to drive a strong agenda forward is a clear set of goals with a variety of paths possible for achieving those goals. We will help you build a roadmap, complete with quantitative and qualitative goals, benchmarks, and progress markers.

When our work is impacted by our context it is imperative we hold tightly to goals and lightly to process. Team Dynamics will work side-by-side with you to develop a plan that is meaningful and motivating in the short, medium and long-term.

"I had a program team that were resistant to changes and were not effectively communicating because of conflicting personalities.  He facilitated one on one conversations, a day long retreat, and provided recommended next action steps to encourage a fostering team environment. Alfonso is great at what he does and I am honored to have worked alongside him."

- Kevin Xiong, Business Director, New Millennium Academy

Connecting With Our Team

As a team that values authenticity and excellence, we regularly receive feedback that our coaching and facilitation is transformative for our clients in part because we are professionally and vulnerably modeling what we are supporting – we are people of difference racial identities, gender identities, ages, sexual orientations and more.

We share openly how our identities impact our work and we actively problem-solve with our clients to find opportunities and solutions that fit within your unique sector and organizational culture. We believe, using real-life examples of breakdowns and breakthroughs, we are able to help our clients envision a tangible path towards manifesting their goals.