Why We Do This Work: ROLE, GOAL, SOUL


We believe every body has a ROLE in building communities we can all be proud of. Know yours.


Team Dynamics supports leaders and teams to consider, commit and drive toward strategic and meaningful GOALS. Cast a vision and measure your progress.


This is people work. It's personal, relational and cultural.  Thus, we ground our approach in theory, practice, and values rooted in the SOUL. In addition to using our minds, we also strive to be embodied and en-heartened leaders.

Our Core Operating Principle:

Hard Work Is Hard and Worth It.

Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by marekuliasz/iStock / Getty Images

We Are Inextricably Shaped By Our Contexts

In order to be effective leaders we must be strategic, relevant, and tailored. One size fits all solutions rarely work.

We must acknowledge the impact that our constantly evolving contexts have on our communities, our relationships, and therefore, our work.

There are Differences that Make the Difference

Elements of our identity and experience - race, ethnicity, gender-identity, disability, immigration status, sexuality, religion, class (and more), have profound impacts on the way we experience the world and the way the world makes meaning of us.

These differences are systems-level predictors of ways we are treated as individuals. We are all whole people, and the pieces of our whole matter a great deal.

Vision, Values and Behavior Can All Align

Building understanding across lines of difference requires engagement, empathy and energy. It can feel hard to shift "the way we do things around here." But if your goals include a more diverse team, with equitable opportunities and inclusive practices, there simply is no short cut for shifting culture.

Intentionally investing resources in learning and growing will pay off! We need opportunities to grow and practice in order to move our organizational policies and protocols closer to our individual and group values. It is not enough to talk-the-talk; we need to back up our values with our behavior.

Learning About Others Requires We Learn About Ourselves

When we are grounded in our own identity, set of beliefs, culture and experiences we are better able to adapt our perspective and behavior in order to deepen relationships, understanding and consequently the impact we can have on the world.

Allies Take Action

We all experience privilege AND oppression. Therefore, we all have the opportunity to be allies to one another. Allies don't do things FOR people. Rather, allies work side-by-side with those they love to use their access and opportunities to make change for the better.

Quote Credited to: Lilla Watson, Aboriginal Elder

Quote Credited to: Lilla Watson, Aboriginal Elder


We stand on the shoulders of giants. Because of the vision, sacrifice and tenacity of our ancestors and elders we are here to take the baton and run our leg of the relay race as best we can.

There are leaders whose names we know, and those who we'll never know, who have charted a path towards the future we strive towards now.

Very few things are impossible. With that in mind, we keep pressing forward.

Thank YOU!

xo Team Dynamics